May County Unemployment Map

The county unemployment map for the month of May shows counties with the lowest rates of unemployment in blue, and counties with the highest rates in red.

According to new data released Thursday from the Tennessee Department of Labor, Williamson County saw another 381 new claims for unemployment filed from June 21-27 as layoffs and furloughs continue to ravage the state of Tennessee and the country at large.

A total of 6,360 unemployment claims were carried over from previous weeks in Williamson County during the same time period. That figure dwarfs pre-pandemic levels of unemployment in the county, which from March 8-14, saw only 257 continued claims, and just 45 new ones.

Williamson County's unemployment rate in May was reported as being 7.4%, a substantial improvement over its April unemployment rate of 10.5%. While still an unprecedented unemployment rate for one of Tennessee's most prosperous counties, Williamson County still ranked as having the state's third lowest unemployment rate in May.

Statewide, there were a total of 22,256 new claims for unemployment from June 21-27, and 262,224 continued claims carried over from previous weeks. This figure marks the first increase in new unemployment claims since April 4, with the period from June 14-20 showing 21,155 new claims.

Williamson County also saw an increase in new unemployment claims during the same period over the previous week, the first increase in claims week over week since June 6.

Unemployment claims in Williamson County

March 8-14

New claims: 45

Continued claims: 257

March 15-2

New claims: 910

Continued claims: 289

March 22-28

New claims: 2,302

Continued claims: 888

March 29-April 4

New claims: 3,106

Continued claims: 3,164

April 5-11

New claims: 1,711

Continued claims: 5,790

April 12-18

New claims: 1,627

Continued claims: 7,622

April 19-25

New claims: 1,075

Continued claims: 8,817

April 26-May 2

New claims: 895

Continued claims: 8,563

May 3-9

New claims: 643

Continued claims: 8,692

May 10-16

New claims: 562

Continued claims: 8,247

May 17-23

New claims: 505

Continued claims: 7,923

May 24-30

New claims: 392

Continued claims: 7,612

May 31-June 6

New claims: 400

Continued claims: 7,058

June 7-13

New claims: 381

Continued claims: 6,776

June 14-20

New claims: 345

Continued claims: 6,361

June 21-27

New claims: 381

Continued claims: 6,360

Unemployment claims statewide

March 8-14

New claims: 2,702

Continued claims: 16,342

March 15-21

New claims: 39,096

Continued claims: 16,098

March 22-28

New claims: 94,492

Continued claims: 34,570

March 29-April 4

New claims: 116,141

Continued claims: 112,438

April 5-11

New claims: 74,772

Continued claims: 199,910

April 12-18

New claims: 68,968

Continued claims: 267,053

April 19-25

New claims: 43,792

Continued claims: 324,543

April 26-May 2

New claims: 37,319

Continued claims: 321,571

May 3-9

New claims: 29,308

Continued claims: 325,095

May 10-16

New claims: 28,692

Continued claims: 314,487

May 17-23

New claims: 26,041

Continued claims: 310,126

May 24-30

New claims: 22,784

Continued claims: 302,260

May 31-June 6

New claims: 21,417

Continued claims: 292,234

June 7-13

New claims: 19,925

Continued claims: 280,593

June 14-20

New claims: 21,155

Continued claims: 266,596

June 21 - 27

New claims: 22,256

Continued claims: 262,224

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