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As the Delta variant of COVID-19 continues to surge in Williamson County and the state at large, the number of patients being treated for the virus at Williamson Medical Center (WMC) does too, with the vast majority of patients being unvaccinated.


The makeup of COVID-19 patients at Williamson Medical Center as of Aug. 19.

As of Thursday, Aug. 19, WMC is currently treating 36 patients for COVID-19. Of those 36, just four are vaccinated, making WMC's COVID-19 patients 88 percent unvaccinated, with none of the unvaccinated patients considered critically ill.

Broken down by age, the largest number of patients are aged 60-69, with the rare breakthrough cases of those vaccinated being either in their 60s', 80s' or 90s'.


Current COVID-19 patients as of Aug. 19 broken down by age.

"Even though we are seeing a younger COVID positive population requiring inpatient care, especially in the unvaccinated population, a much greater percentage of current COVID inpatients are requiring advanced and mechanical methods to assist in breathing, putting pressure on the availability of equipment, staff and critical care beds to provide this care," reads a release from WMC.

"Williamson Medical Center strongly encourages the community to do their part to protect themselves, their loved ones and their neighbors by getting vaccinated, maintaining social distance and wearing a face mask in public."

While breakthrough cases of COVID-19 are extremely rare, with an internal document from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggesting the chances being less than 0.1 percent, such cases have been documented among the vaccinated.

Nevertheless, those who experience a rare breakthrough case after having been vaccinated are far less likely than the unvaccinated to become hospitalized or die.

According to the CDC, just under 6,700 out of 164 million vaccinated Americans have become sick enough from COVID-19 to be hospitalized, amounting to a breakthrough hospitalization rate of just over 0.003 percent. Even less breakthrough cases have resulted in death, with just 1,263 vaccinated Americans dying from COVID-19 for a death rate of .0008 percent among the vaccinated.