More than 200 Nashville voters have voted in the wrong race during early voting, the Associated Press reported.

The confusion mostly affected votes cast in congressional races but also in elections for state Senate and state House.

During Republican-led redistricting, precincts in Davidson County were split as GOP leaders sought to divide Nashville into three congressional districts in hopes of flipping the 5th Congressional District — held by Democrats for generations — to Republicans. Now, Nashville voters are split between the 5th, 6th and 7th districts, with each favoring Republicans to varying degrees.

Due to Republicans controlling state government, the five-member Davidson County Election Commission is also controlled by a GOP majority.

The AP reported that some voters received conflicting messages when they looked up their address in a state database and then later were given ballots featuring different races. Davidson County election administrator Jeff Roberts told the AP the issue has been corrected and should not affect additional voters.

Democratic candidates and officials held a press conference about the issue Wednesday, at which state Senate candidate and voting rights advocate Charlane Oliver said Republican lawmakers who oversaw the redistricting process of Secretary of State Tre Hargett “don’t know how to do their jobs.” Oliver called on local election officials to contact voters who voted incorrectly and allow them to cast a ballot in the correct districts.

“They are not doing right by the people of Tennessee, by the people of Nashville,” she added. “It shouldn’t be this hard to vote in Tennessee.”

Ballots cast in the wrong district will be counted in the wrong district, officials said. Early voting is open through Thursday, with Election Day following on Nov. 8.