TN Dept. of Labor Unemployment Map

The Tennessee Department of Labor divides the state up into nine distinct regions for the purpose of reporting unemployment filing figures.

A total of 187,942 new claims for unemployment were made in Northern Middle Tennessee since March 22 as the state continues to wrestle with layoffs and furloughs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The latest numbers from the Tennessee Department of Labor released on Thursday show that a total of 7,768 new claims were filed from May 10-16 in Northern Middle Tennessee, which the TDL defines as Middle Tennessee’s 13 northernmost counties, including Williamson County. Across the state, a total of 28,692 claims were filed within that same period.

Since March 22, a total of 490,782 new claims have been filed across the state, meaning that a total of approximately 38% of all new claims since March 22 were made in Northern Middle Tennessee.

Since March 15, a total of 532,580 new claims were filed across the state. With Tennessee’s labor force currently sitting at 3,362,841, and assuming those Tennesseans who had filed new claims since March 15 are still unemployed, this would make the state’s unemployment rate around 15.8% — the single highest rate ever recorded in Tennessee by the U.S. Bureau of Statistics.

New unemployment claims in Northern Middle Tennessee

March 22-28: 32,246

March 29-April 4: 47,325

April 5-11: 34,643

April 12-18: 29,065

April 19-25: 14,927

April 26-May 2: 13,274

May 3-9: 8,694

May 10-16: 7,768

New unemployment claims statewide

March 8-14: 2,702

March 15-21: 39,096

March 22-28: 94,492

March 29-April 4: 116,141

April 5-11: 74,772

April 12-18: 68,968

April 19-25: 43,792

April 26-May 2: 37,319

May 3-9: 29,308

May 10-16: 28,692

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