PHOTO: Grassland Middle School Principal Kevin Dyson (at podium) is flanked by students, teachers and others as the ribbon is cut on the school’s new performing arts center. / Photo by John McBryde


The acoustics in the new Grassland Middle School’s performing arts center were given a good test Wednesday during a ribbon cutting held for the facility.

With a good number of the school’s student body filling the auditorium’s seats along with teachers, administrators, Williamson County Schools staff and others, Board of Education Chairman Gary Anderson asked the students to scream as loud as they could to more or less initiate the building.

They did — with gusto.

“I wish I had brought my decibel meter here so I could see how loud you actually got,” Anderson said after the screams subsided.

The opening of the theater at Grassland Middle means only one WCS middle school — Sunset — lacks a theater. Others have been steadily added through the years.

“Ten years or so ago, the county commission started talking about theaters and performing arts centers,” WCS Superintendent Jason Golden said. “When a lot of these schools were built — some in the ’80s — it wasn’t always standard to have theaters. Over time we recognized we needed to find a way to serve you, the students, better in these middle schools. Now, we are very close to having a performing arts center at every one of our middle schools.”

Grassland Middle Principal Kevin Dyson said the theater is a welcome addition to the school.

“We can’t wait to get in here and utilize the space,” he said

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