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Nolensville Commissioner, Lisa Garramone, has announced that she is running for re-election in the position she has held for the last two years.

“I have been honored to serve as a Town of Nolensville Commissioner and I am eager to continue my work on behalf of our town’s residents,” Commissioner Garramone said in a press release. “While we have made a great deal of progress, there is still more to be done.”

In her time as a commissioner, Garramone has worked to improve street safety in town by helping introduce traffic calming measures, lower speed limits, and a temporary traffic signal on York Road, Williams Road and Nolensville Road.

In her first term, the commissioner also approved the hiring of a town manager, the establishment of a municipal fire department, as well as the development of two major supermarket chains that will substantially add to the town’s tax revenues.

“We have a lot of work to do to solve our traffic problems, complete our rezoning efforts to ensure managed growth, and continue our efforts to support public safety in Nolensville,” Garramone said. “I am confident that with the experience I’ve gained over the last two years, I can continue to be a leader as we improve the facilities we have for our police and fire departments as well as our public works department. The town is blessed with excellent leadership in these areas. I’m going to work hard to see to it that these critical departments get what they need so they can continue their outstanding service to Nolensville residents.”

Garramone is running for a four-year term with a campaign that she says is built on experience, dedication and leadership.

“Nolensville is growing and experiencing the challenges that small towns all over the state are experiencing,” Garramone said in a release. “I am confident that I have the leadership skills, experience in office, and a firm dedication to doing what is best for our town.” She added, “Working together with my fellow commissioners, town staff and our wonderful residents, Nolensville will continue to be a place other communities will admire.”

The town staff along with the team of commissioners were awarded the Tennessee Municipal League’s “Small Town Progress” award and the Tennessee City Management Association recognized Nolensville for “Excellence in Governance” earlier this month. 

Garramone said, “The awards cited the work that residents did to get a referendum on the ballot to change their town charter and all the work that the staff and commissioners did to support the change.  The town staff with the support of all the commissioners worked diligently to expand fire service, public works, and finance services.  I am excited to continue this important work.” 

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For those interested in learning more about her re-election campaign and volunteer opportunities, contact Len Serafino, Campaign Manager, at 615-708-9548 or [email protected].