Nolensville Fire Station #1 rendering

At last week’s Town Commission meeting, a lengthy discussion took place regarding the future fire station options for Nolensville ahead of the impending vote for the construction of Fire Station No. 1.

As was the case at the town’s last work session, commissioners voiced their opinions on what they would like to see in terms of upcoming fire station construction for the town. A few commissioners were in favor of a four-bay station, while others were concerned about the cost of that option.

At last Thursday’s meeting, Commissioner Joel Miller said, “I was the lone member to vote against proceeding with the architectural work… I want to start off by saying first of all that I want a fire station, I want two fire stations… None of my line of questioning is to deter from anything moving forward.

“One, there’s a cost savings of projected around $3 million by doing both within… a five year frame,” Miller continued. “So if you build one station now and another within five years the town saves $3 million over the course of the next 25 years.”

“But off the cuff, Commissioner Miller, I don’t necessarily disagree if we can save $3 million in the long run and, you know, have a plan for both of those locations, I’m not opposed to that,” Commissioner Lisa Garramone said. “I don’t know that that stops what we’re doing here with the first one tonight. That would be the question I would have is does it change what we’re voting on for this particular resolution?”

“I think it will be a major task for Victor [Lay] and staff to financially justify what’s on the CIP plan now and starting two fire stations within two years. I already think this one is stretching us,” Mayor Derek Adams said.

For a large portion of the discussion, the commissioners reviewed different budget projections to glean some more insight into what Nolensville’s financial future may hold, however some items, such as inflation, are not fully predictable. 

Later on, Miller reiterated his stance on the matter.

“A second station’s needed… it’s needed. I was counting up the proposals and the approvals on the south side of town along Clovercroft and York and there’s gonna be a thousand additional residences in the next three years along that stretch,” he said.

Victor Lay chimed in, “I like the two-station scenario. If station two is guaranteed, I don’t mind there being a delay. That’s what really concerns me is that even two years down the road somebody goes.. ‘eh, no, let’s hold off’ because then it puts us in a pickle.”

Although there were still some questions regarding budgeting and additional stations, the commission passed the motion 4-0 with one abstention to approve the resolution for a contract with TMPartners, PLLC for construction of Fire Station No. 1. The cost of completing construction documents for the new station, which will be located at 7231 Haley Industrial Drive, is expected to not exceed $512,400.

Multiple commissioners voiced their desire to see a second station built in the near future after further analyses are conducted.

For more information on the fire station plans or to watch the live stream of the meeting, click here.