The Nolensville Police Department reports that there were three simple assaults last month, as well as one aggravated assault.

In total, the department reported 26 crimes to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Other crimes included theft, burglary, impersonation, intimidation and vehicle theft. There were three thefts from cars and two cases of vandalism.

Police officers pulled over 237 cars in August, about 50 more than last month. Those resulted in 159 citations, 210 charges and nine arrests.

The most common tickets were speeding, insurance violations and expired registrations.

The start of the school year adds more cars to the morning commute in August. The number of crashes rose from six in July to 16 in August. Only two injuries were reported from the crashes.

The criminal investigation division was assigned 11 new cases and reached a conclusion about eight of those cases.

The number of hours worked by reserve officers has continued to rise for the department over the summer. Reserve officers worked 98 hours in August, compared to just over 63 hours in May.

At the Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting on September 6, Police Chief Roddy Parker introduced Ali Hemyari as the department’s newest reserve officer.

Hemyari is the owner of Nashville K9—a dog training company that has trained police dogs. He will be the director of Nolensville’s K9 Demonstration program.

On September 25, the Nolensville Police Department is hosting a Cops and Coffee event at Mama’s Java at 8 a.m. Residents are invited to come have coffee with a cop and ask questions.

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