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Nolensville has declared a State of Emergency due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, one day after nearby Brentwood and Franklin declared states of emergency.

The declaration gives Nolensville Mayor Jimmy Alexander the power to "conduct the activities of the Town and to make all necessary decisions related to personnel and the day-to-day needs of the Town."

The declaration "strongly urges" restaurants to suspend in-person dining as well as urges all gyms and exercise and fitness facilities to close in order to contain the public health crisis. 

The order says that businesses should limit their service to to-go and delivery options, adding "Nothing in this order shall be intended to prevent pick-up, delivery, or drive-through service."

"Based upon the proclaimed civil emergency, the Mayor strongly recommends that residents within the Town of Nolensville refrain from meeting in groups of 10 persons or more which shall remain in effect until this Order is withdrawn," the declaration reads, outlining that the order will go into effect on midnight on March 21, 2020 and will remain in effect until the Order is withdrawn.

COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, has shut down operations across the county and was the reasoning behind Gov. Bill Lee’s declaration of a state of emergency on March 12.

The declaration outlines that Mayor Alexander will also have the authority to administratively suspend permits issued by the town when it is deemed to be in the best interest of the health and welfare of the citizens of Nolensville, and that he will report to the Board of Mayor and Alderman at least weekly.

"Further, whenever possible, decisions regarding Town services shall be shared with the public through the Town website and other means as deemed appropriate by the Mayor," the declaration reads.

The declaration says that all provisions of the Nolensville Municipal Code pertaining to emergency situations, including Title 1, Chapter 5, are now activated, and that all procedures and formalities otherwise required under the Nolensville Municipal Code or Tennessee law pertaining to the following are waived:

"a. Performance of public work and taking whatever prudent action is necessary to ensure the health,
safety, and welfare of the community;
b. Entering into contracts;
c. Incurring obligations;
d. Employment of permanent and temporary workers;
e. Utilization of volunteer workers;
f. Rental of equipment;
g. Acquisition and distribution, with or without compensation, of supplies, materials, and facilities;
h. Appropriation and expenditure of public funds."

The declaration is valid and effective immediately for a period not to exceed seven days and may be incrementally extended for additional seven-day periods as deemed necessary by the town.

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