PHOTO: Edmundo Cruz, 38. // Mug shot courtesy of Williamson County Sheriff’s Office


A man was arrested late Monday night after Nolensville police responded to a call about a domestic situation at 7357 Nolensville Road.

According to Police Chief Roddy Parker, 38-year old Edmundo Cruz was extracted by a Williamson County SWAT team using teargas after he reportedly threatened two family members with a shotgun in an argument.

When police first arrived at the scene, family members verified the presence of two long guns and told officers that Cruz had retreated into the house.

Officers made several attempts to contact Cruz but were unsuccessful, as Cruz continued to hang up the phone. Parker said Cruz also made threats that he would “cause officers to shoot him.”

By 11:30 p.m., Parker said Nolensville officers requested assistance from the Williamson County SWAT team, “to see if a successful end could be obtained without injury to anyone.”

Warrants were obtained by the Nolensville Police Department for aggravated assault and simple assault against Cruz.

Parker said officers made several attempts to conclude the incident through negotiations, which Cruz terminated. That’s when Parker said SWAT officers pushed into the residence using teargas.

He was found unarmed in an interior room of the home where Parker said he was taken into custody without further incident.

Parker said officers took the guns as evidence.

The Nolensville Police Department has no footage of the incident.

Cruz was booked at the Williamson County Jail early Tuesday morning with a bond of $60,000. His trial date is set for March 21 at 1 p.m.

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