PHOTO: Nolensville resident speaks out on the rezoning plans that were presented to the community at Nolensville High School Tuesday night. / Photo by John McBryde


In a packed cafeteria at Nolensville High School Tuesday night, Williamson County Schools found another stage in which to present its rezoning options for the year.

There was even a round of applause after Superintendent Mike Looney let it be known which option he and the district staff preferred, repeating what he had said 24 hours earlier at a special-called Board of Education work session.

The rezoning reset became necessary after the first rezoning plan was voted down at the February school board meeting. The original plan called for over 200 children from the Silver Stream subdivision to be rezoned from Mill Creek Elementary to Nolensville Elementary next year.

Option 1, the plan preferred by Looney and his staff, is similar to the plan first presented two months ago.

“They brought options and that’s good,” said Dan Maciuk, a resident of the Silver Stream subdivision and father of children at Mill Creek Elementary.

“The goal is, we still want to make sure we’re not rezoned every year or every couple of years, that we figure out a long-term plan while we’re at this. It’s obvious there’s a lot of people involved here and there’s a lot of opinions to think about. And at the rate that we’re growing, we need to look at all the new subdivisions coming in and realize that what we do now sets up all these other people moving in.”

Residents of Silver Stream poured into meetings when the first rezoning plan was being bantered about, many wearing blue T-shirts as a show of unity. At the meeting on Monday and again on Tuesday, red T-shirts with the words “We Are Nolensville” were being worn in high numbers mostly by residents of the Bent Creek subdivision.

“I mainly have two concerns,” said Meredith Hendrickson, a resident of Bent Creek who was sporting a red T-shirt. “One is the fact that it feels very much like several of the options pit two neighborhoods specifically against each other. And that has not been good for our community.

“The second thing is, at the end of the day, for my family and other families I’ve talked to, the elementary school and middle school issue isn’t as large a factor as the fact we don’t want to be at Ravenwood High School. Not that Ravenwood is bad in any capacity; it’s just not a Nolensville school. It’s a very Brentwood-centric school and that doesn’t feel like in keeping with the Nolensville community.”

The PowerPoint presentation of the nine rezoning proposals can be found on the WCS website, under Calendar of Events and the agenda for the April 1 and April 2 meetings. There will be another special-called school board work session on April 11 at 5:30 p.m. at the WCS Professional Development Center.

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