The Nolensville Planning Commission met on Tuesday evening where they approved changes to regulations on driveway heights for future developments and approved a variety of bond actions.

The commission unanimously approved an amendment to residential driveways in the town’s subdivision regulations, which would require future developers to create a graded one and a half inch height difference from the roadway to the driveway of new home developments.

The current regulations did not have the language for the newly approved requirements, which has resulted in several subdivisions with driveways that have the same height difference as the surrounding curbs. 

“I would like to say that we add the following sentences,” Commissioner Larry Felts said. “All residential driveways must be constructed with a driveway ramp compliant with detail RW-24 of these regulations and that should be added to 5.3.7 and I would like to see it as a second sentence in that paragraph.”

Nolensville resident Lisa Garramone spoke in support of the amendment during the public comments portion of the meeting, this height difference of around five inches has caused damage to the bottoms of vehicles for her and her neighbors.

According to Garramone, she and other residents has received estimates of around $2,000 to correct the driveways, an amount that would fall on the homeowner. 

While the amended language won’t help current residents, the change would affect future developments. 

The commission unanimously approved several bond actions in their consent agenda, including releasing Eulas Glen Phase 1 from maintenance bonding and extending the performance bond for Eulas Glen Phase 2 for six months to March 6, 2020.

The commission also approved the extension of the original landscape performance bond for the McCord Nolen Development for one year and reduced the bond amount to $34,000.

In addition, the commission approved the transition of the landscape bond for Haley Industrial Lot 15A/Outland USA to a maintenance bond and reduced the bond amount to $3,943.50. 

The commission also transitioned the landscape bond for Nolensville Indoor Soccer Complex to a maintenance bond and reduced the bond amount to $20,524.

The commission released the Burkitt Village Phase 2 and 6 from maintenance bonding.

The commission unanimously approved the Woods at Burberry Glen Phase 3B Final Plat with a performance bond in the amount of $158,377.

The report from the last BOMA meeting on August 1 was heard, which included three items of interest for the Planning Commission. 

Of those items was a public hearing of Ordinance 19-10, to approve a P.U.D. concept plan known as Southwalk and rezone the property to Commercial Services with a P.U.D. overlay.

Also heard was a Reading of Resolution 19-18, a resolution of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to enter into an agreement with Volkert, Incorporated for project management services, performing work associated with the zoning ordinance update in fiscal year 2019-2020.

Finally, a Reading of Resolution 19-19, a resolution of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen appropriating funds to construct a walkway from the Brittain Downs subdivision to Sunset Elementary and Middle School campus was heard as part of the report.

The commission unanimously approved the amended bond report.

In addition to the regular business, the commission welcomed Travis Blunt and Larry Felts to the Planning Commission as well as the new interim planner Bert Kurkendall.