Nolensville Police Department

Courtesy of the Nolensville Police Department

At Nolensville’s most recent Board of Commissioners meeting, the Nolensville Police Department released a report detailing crash data, traffic enforcement data, crime statistics and computer-aided dispatch system (C.A.D.) activity for the month of July as well as the 2022 year. 

In the month of July, the Nolensville Police Department responded to eight vehicle crashes. For the 2022 year, there have been 111 vehicle crashes in Nolensville, with 100 of those causing property damage and 13 causing injury. There were no fatalities.

The Nolensville police made a total of 216 traffic stops, 92 citations, 142 charges and 124 warnings in the month of July.

Specific violations varied month to month, but from January to July of 2022, Nolensville police dealt with multiple speed violations, expired registrations, failure to use seatbelts, stop sign violations, hand held phone violations and more. 

Last month, there were citations or arrests made for multiple incidents including two DUI’s, five drug incidents, three incidents of driving while license was suspended, one incident of driving while license was revoked and six incidents of driving without a license.

July saw two cases of aggravated assault, three cases involving drugs/narcotics, one case involving stolen property and one case involving vandalism. In January, 18 total crimes were reported, with 12 in February, 16 in March, 15 in April, 34 in May, 22 in June and 20 in July.

The most common C.A.D. activity for the month of July, apart from self-initiated activity, was recorded as alarms/hold ups/distress/panic. The data for this type of activity was also significant for the rest of 2022 so far.

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