Nolensville’s Mayor will keep his job after beating out a write in challenger on Tuesday night.

The Town will also have one new Alderman.

Nolensville mayor Jimmy Alexander won the mayoral race. He has served as the Mayor of Nolensville since 2011, and previously served as an Alderman. He ran against write-in candidate Russell Gill.

Originally, Alexander was going to run against Alderman Brian Snyder. However, Snyder pulled out of the race because he wasn’t sure he would have enough time to serve as mayor.

At first it looked like Alexander would run unopposed, but when Snyder pulled out of the race Gill started his write-in campaign.

Gill created a relatively large following on social media to support his candidacy. His campaign reports that Facebook users interacted with his content more than 75,000 times during the brief campaign, which started in September.

He conceded the race during an event at Nolen’s Place in Nolensville.

“Tonight we can celebrate that in this 242 years of this experiment known as our American democracy that again tonight the people have spoken, and we respect and celebrate that answer,” he said. “I also thank mayor Alexander and his supporters.”

Gill’s social media campaign wasn’t enough to overcome the challenge of not having his name on the ballot. Alexander earned 1,800 votes and Gill earned 1,458 votes during early voting.

Alexander got 2,537 votes, and there were only 1,987 write-in votes total so Gill did not win. Not all of those votes were for Gill, and the Election Commission will have to review the ballots to determine exactly how many votes he received.

Williamson County Elections Administrator Chad Gray said no Williamson County candidate has ever won a write-in campaign against an opponent who was on the ballot.

In August 2000, two write-in candidates ran against each other for a school board seat in Williamson County. George Badon won as a write-in candidate, but here was no candidate who qualified for the ballot.

The town’s Board of Mayor and Alderman will see a change. When Snyder pulled out of the mayoral race he couldn’t run for Alderman because it was too late to get his name on the ballot.

Derek Adams will take Snyder’s position on the board after earning 2,331 votes. Incumbent Tommy Dugger will narrowly keep his position with 2,273 votes. Steve Cody failed to edge out Dugger, earning 2,106 votes. 

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