The Nolensville Board of Mayor and Aldermen will discuss a contract for improvements to Sunset Road and a change to the zoning ordinance at its meeting on Aug. 2.

The town will propose changing the zoning ordinance so that car dealerships are not allowed in the commercial regional district.

The zoning map only shows two areas with commercial regional zoning near the intersection of Nolensville Road and Burkitt Place.

That type of zoning is intended for larger-scale, heavy retail commercial uses. The current zoning ordinance says the primary use is large retail stores.

A report from city planner Sarah Sitterle says that car dealerships might fit better into the town’s office industrial zoning category. The town plans to bring a proposal for adding car dealerships to the office industrial category in the future.

The town allows car dealerships in the commercial services zoning category with certain conditions. Commercial services areas a located mostly along Nolensville Road near the intersection with Oldham Drive.

The board will also consider a contract for finishing improvements to Sunset Road. The town previously approved part of the contract, but has been working with the builders to determine if there was a cheaper way to create a pedestrian and bike path crossing Mill Creek.

The original plan was to add a trail by widening the same bridge that cars use. The town investigated the possibility of building a separate pedestrian bridge, but the original plan was cheaper.

The board will vote on whether or not to accept the original $5 million contract.