The Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department (NVFD) will honor members of its team this Saturday night at its Annual Awards Banquet on the evening of Saturday, April 6 at Station 16 in Nolensville.

Of those to be honored is Assistant Volunteer Fire Chief Daron Standifird, who has been named this year’s “Firefighter of the Year.”

Standifird has been a member of the NVFD since 2005, and serves as a full-time firefighter in Hendersonville. When a second assistant chief position was created in 2018, volunteer Gwen Noe said Daron was the “obvious choice for that role.”

“He is always willing to help other members and readily shares his knowledge and skills,” Noe said. “He is committed to the department and is always doing his part to make the NVFD the best it can be.”

Other awards the department plans to give out include a new award, “Rookie of the Year,” as well as more fun-spirited awards like “Super Squirrel” and “Slick Willy.” The awards are voted on by NVFD members, and Noe said only the Rookie award is a surprise.

The awards ceremony is an invitation-only event to honor the firefighters and their achievements, and Noe said the town’s leaders are typically invited, including the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Noe said the NVFD members will clean up Station 16 Saturday morning, moving the fire trucks out of the bays to make room for tables.

A member of the department, Noe said she is not an interior firefighter but has enough training to be on the scene of a fire. She’s also the department Chaplain, secretary of the NVFD Board and has training to respond to medical calls.

“That’s the beauty of this,” Noe said. “There’s so many places that people can fit in. You don’t have to be an interior firefighter [to be a volunteer]. There [are] just so many things that people can do.”

After responding to a residential fire in March, Standifird emphasized that the NVFD — an entirely volunteer department — can make first responders out of just about anyone.

“You could be a firefighter,” Standifird said. “If you pass a background check, we’ll take you and train you.”

The NVFD is located at 7347 Nolensville Rd. in Nolensville.

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