Brentwood plane crash 101822

Old Smyrna Road in Brentwood reopened on Wednesday night after it was closed for more than 30 hours following Tuesday's single-engine plane crash that killed one man.

That man was identified as 62-year-old Dr. Christopher Wiltcher of Gallatin by WSMV, and while the Brentwood Police Department would not confirm or deny that information, WSMV reports that Wiltcher's family confirmed him as the sole victim.

Wiltcher is also listed as the owner of the Piper PA-32 in online documents, and publicly available air traffic control audio recordings posted online appear to have recorded the moments prior to the crash, with Wiltcher radioing in that he was experiencing engine trouble prior to the crash.

Wiltcher was directed to attempt to land at Nashville International Airport, reporting that he had two and a half hours of fuel, after which he said, "Tell my family I love them."

About one minute later the recording captured other pilots reporting smoke in the last known area of the plane.

Publicly available flight data shows that the planes last recorded speed was approximately 80 mph.

BPD's involvement in the investigation is done, and is now in the hands of Federal investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration.

An NTSB spokesperson said in an email that the plane was was traveling from Springfield to Smyrna to have the aircraft serviced, specifically to upgrade the instrument panel.

According to that spokesperson, an NTSB investigator is expected to wrap up the on-scene investigation on Thursday, but the findings of the investigation could take up to a year to complete and be made public.