Image: A vicinity map showing the portion of land on Split Log Road that Williamson County Schools wants to have rezoned.


A request by Williamson County Schools to rezone a portion of the land it purchased on Split Log Road, some new design changes to Brentwood’s busy Chick-fil-A, and alterations to the Phase 2 plans for Hill Center Brentwood are just a few of the items that Brentwood’s Planning Commission will consider at their next meeting.

That meeting will take place at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 3.


In 2017, Williamson County Schools bought 83.5 acres of land on Split Log Road to use for a new elementary school and, eventually, a new middle school.

The land was zoned residential, though, so the school district asked the City of Brentwood to rezone it to the SI-2 (Service Institution – Educational) designation to allow for the schools to be built.

Now, a year later, with Jordan Elementary School well under way, WCS has decided it no longer needs 12.78 acres of the land it purchased.

“The school board has determined that this is surplus property and it’s not necessary for the development of the school now so they want to have it zoned back from SI-2 to R-2,” which is the suburban residential zoning, Planning and Codes Director Jeff Dobson said at a Thursday morning briefing. 

Once the land is rezoned, WCS will be able to sell it.

Planning Commissioner John Church asked if the city had considered this property for a new fire station. A plan to reserve a portion of the Tuscany Hills development in for a fifth fire station was scuttled last year due to pushback from residents.

Dobson said that the Fire & Rescue Department had determined that this site was not in an ideal location for a new station.

“Being at the edge of the city, it effectively cuts down half of the response zone,” Dobson said. “They are looking for one that is closer in toward the intersection of Split Log Road and Ragsdale Road.”

There were also concerns about emergency vehicles needing to exit the area around student pickup or drop-off times.

If the Planning Commission recommends approval of the rezoning on Tuesday night, there will be a public hearing on the issue at the April 9 City Commission meeting. The City Commission would then consider the measure on a second and final reading at its April 23 meeting.


The Planning Commission approved renovation and remodeling plans for the Chick-fil-A on Franklin Road at a meeting in September.

Those plans were meant to increase the restaurant’s capacity and efficiency and help moderate the traffic problems that result from long lines of cars.

The plan approved in September called for increasing the size of the building by 549 square feet, adding a second dedicated drive-through lane, changing the parking configuration outside and installing a canopy on the building’s south side.

The company also agreed to construct a bypass lane coming off of Franklin Road for cars wanting to miss the Chick-fil-A traffic.

The revised site plan that the Planning Commission will consider Tuesday would increase the size of the canopy on the south side of the building and add a new, larger canopy on the building’s north side as well.


The next phase of the Hill Center Brentwood development will bring nearly 197,000 square feet of new retail, office and hotel space to the complex.

The 141-room, four-story AC Hotel by Marriott will be constructed on the west side of the development, adjacent to Maryland Way Park.

The Planning Commission approved the site plan for Phase 2 of Hill Center Brentwood at a meeting in January.

Developers, though, have decided to make a change to the original plans. They now want to add 74 parking spaces underneath one of the buildings at the site.

State Volunteer Mutual Insurance has already announced it will move into the new Phase 2 office building once it is constructed.

H.G. Hill Realty Co. Chairman and CEO Jimmy Granbery said that tenants should be able to start moving into Phase 2 of Hill Center Brentwood in either late 2019 or early 2020.

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