President Donald Trump announced Tuesday he will be visiting Nashville on Friday after a deadly tornado swept across Middle Tennessee early Tuesday morning. At the time of writing, the death toll of the tornado has climbed to 22, with roughly 50,000 homes and businesses left without power.

“I want to send my warm wishes to the great people of Tennessee in the wake of the horrible, very vicious tornado that killed at least 19 people and injured many more,” Trump said. “We’re working with the leaders in Tennessee, including their great Gov. Bill Lee to make sure that everything is done properly.”

Trump said that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is already on the ground in Nashville helping victims, with Lee currently touring portions of Putnam County after having already surveyed the damage in Davidson County.

“Our hearts are full of sorrow for the lives that were lost,” Trump said. “It’s a vicious thing, those tornadoes. I’ve seen many of them during a three-year period and I’ve gotten to see the results, and they are vicious. If you’re in their path… bad things happen, really bad things happen. We send our love and our prayers of the nation to every family that was affected. We will get there, we will recover, we will rebuild and we will help them.”

Sen. Marsha Blackburn confirmed with reporters Tuesday Trump’s upcoming visit to Nashville, but said details on the visit were forthcoming.

“I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to the way all of the local law enforcement, groups, communities and neighbors have responded for the damage that is there and the way people are stepping up,” Blackburn said. “I think it is just devastating, and being able stream some of the local newscasts and see some of the devastation first hand, it is heartbreaking. These families that have been adversely impacted with loss of life and injury... your heart goes out to these individuals.”