The recent tragic wildfires in Gatlinburg have communities throughout Tennessee evaluating their emergency communications systems and protocols, and officials in Brentwood and Williamson County are confident they are prepared.

Brentwood and Williamson County have been partners on emergency notifications for many years. Since 2014, the two have worked under one unified Citizen Alert Emergency Notification System known as Everbridge. This is how residents throughout Brentwood and Williamson County will be notified in events such as natural disasters, chemical spills, wildfires, school lockdowns and train derailments, among others.

However, to receive these alerts on most phones, residents have to sign up for the service, which is not being done at the rate Brentwood officials would like.

The service has been available in Brentwood since 2014. Out of 40,000 residents, only a small portion have signed up to date.

Everbridge has the ability to mass-notify the community via landline, cell phone, or simply any device that has a phone number. Residents are also able to create an account and register for alerts for multiple locations, like a child’s school or a spouse’s workplace. They can also choose to be notified via email or text messages.

Because local governments have no way of knowing residents’ cell phone numbers, registering for the service is of paramount importance. Sign up at, and help Brentwood officials help you this holiday season.

Everbridge is a multinational company providing emergency communications to over 50 million people.

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