The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office is rather modest about its accomplishments.

Acts of heroism, no matter small nor large, are simply part of the job. But one routine action came to the attention of the Williamson County Commission.

On the morning of Nov. 7, a 2-year-old boy went missing off Kedron Road in Spring Hill. Without the WCSO, he might not have been found safe and sound.

The Maury County Sheriff’s Department, Spring Hill Police and Fire and Maury County Office of Emergency Management were all called in to aid the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office helicopter.

The child wondered away from his residence, and after two hours of intense searching, he still could not be found. The authorities decided to ask for help from the WCSO aviation unit.

Pilots Lieutenant Mark Elrod and Chief Pilot Keith Chapman headed there in Williamson County Air-1 and made radio contact with those on the ground.

Within just five minutes, Elrod and Chapman spotted the boy, hidden so well by the woods that search team members within 5 yards of him walked right by.

They landed the WCSO Air-1 helicopter and Elrod made his way to the infant, who was unharmed.

“I just wanted to publicly thank both pilots,” Dwight Jones, District 1 commissioner, said. “I know a lot of times when we talk about an aircraft in Williamson County, they think, why in the world do we need it? Well, to me, if you have ever lost your child or had one go missing, it really doesn’t matter what it costs. I want to thank the sheriff and these pilots.”

Jones organized the public recognition of the WCSO efforts, asking Sheriff Jeff Long to summarize its role.

The name of the family was not released.

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