PHOTO: Jennifer and Tim Brandt of Brentwood celebrated their wedding anniversary by adopting a puppy from the Williamson County Animal Center. / Photo by John McBryde


Tim and Jennifer Brandt were looking for something special for their third wedding anniversary Friday.

They found it in a 12-week-old black and white mixed-breed puppy they adopted from the Williamson County Animal Center.

“We’re thinking of calling her Annie,” Jennifer Brandt said, “since it is our anniversary.”

The Brentwood couple had learned about the promotion called Pup Meetup through social media, so they made their way to downtown Franklin where the event was being held at the Visitor Center on Fourth Avenue.

This was the second year the Visit Franklin organization hosted the dog adoption day.

“We’ve had really good turnouts both years,” said Ondrea Johnson, director of the Williamson County Animal Center. “Last year we had more dogs, including a special-needs dog that everyone adored. This year we brought four puppies for adoption.”

The event included a puppy kissing booth just outside the Visitor Center, where visitors could give a donation and get a pooch smooch and a good cuddle.

“Visit Franklin’s Visitor Center is pet-friendly every day, but any day you get to fill it with cute puppies from the Williamson County Animal Shelter who could find a forever home is a particularly special day,” Ellie Westman Chin, Visit Franklin’s president & CEO, said in a press release.

“The Better Cities for Pets program from Mars Petcare has made Franklin a model for being a pet-friendly destination for visitors, but a part of that program that is just as important is taking care of those animals already here and in need of a home as well. The Williamson County Animal Center does this wonderfully, and we want to help them in any way we can.”

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