To those planning to get in line Tuesday evening for the grand opening celebration for the newest Chick-fil-A in Franklin, you may want to keep your eyes on the weather forecast.

As of Monday night, the National Weather Service was calling for a 60% chance of rain and thunderstorms at about the time folks are scheduled to begin lining up for the overnight promotion that will award a free year supply of Chick-fil-A to the first 100 eligible adults in line on grand opening morning.

The line for the promotion at the new location at 1122 Murfreesboro Road opens at 6 p.m. Tuesday. If there are more than 100 people in line at that time, a raffle will be held to determine the 100 who will stay on site for the next 12 hours.

“If it’s only rain, the campers will stay outside and brace the weather,” a Chick-fil-A spokesperson said in an email. “If there’s thunder and lightning, they’ll be brought inside until it’s safe for them to go back outside. Fingers crossed the storms skip over Franklin!”

The awarding will take place sometime between 5:30-6 a.m. on Wednesday. The Chick-fil-A Cow will lead a conga line of participants through the restaurant, to the excitement and cheers of team members who will be clapping, cheering and banging on pots and pans.

Known as the 12-hour First 100 Campout, the promotion is for participants 18 years or older with photo identification. It is open to guests residing in specific zip codes surrounding the restaurant.

Chick-fil-A’s signature grand opening celebration marked its 15thanniversary last year, having given away more than $39 million through yearend 2018 in free Chick-fil-A food at more than 1,300 grand openings.

The new Chick-fil-A restaurant will serve a full breakfast menu until 10:30 a.m. with a variety of healthy and dietary offerings. It will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. It will be closed on Sunday to provide a day of rest and time with family for employees.

The lunch and dinner menus include a variety of healthy and dietary options, such as a gluten-free bun, in addition to the original boneless breast-of-chicken sandwich, boneless chicken nuggets and strips, fresh fruit cups, salads and wraps, and waffle fries.

Bill Pfaender, who is operator at the Chick-fil-A Thoroughbred Square location and has been with the restaurant chain for more than 21 years, will manage the new location.



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