State Rep. Brandon Ogles.

Rep. Brandon Ogles, who represents the northwestern portion of Williamson County in the Tennessee House of Representatives, has not been seen participating in the House legislative sessions for at least two weeks.

Additionally, Ogles had not attended the last four House Civil Justice Committee and Subcommittee meetings, as well as the last eight House Finance, Ways & Means Subcommittee meetings.

Despite numerous attempts, Ogles has not responded to a request for comment.

Ogles' recent absences appear to have begun somewhere around mid-March, with Ogles not appearing for any of the five House legislative sessions that took place in April. Ogles was also not present during the March 15 and March 25 House sessions, but was present during the March 22 and March 29 sessions.

Ogles also sits on four committees; the House Civil Justice Committee and Subcommittee, and the House Finance, Ways & Means Committee and Subcommittee.

Ogles has not attended either the House Civil Justice Subcommittee or the House Finance, Ways & Means Committee since March 9, having been absent from the last five meetings.

Ogles has not attended the Civil Justice Committee since March 17, missing the last four meetings, and has not attended the House Finance, Ways & Means Committee since Feb. 10, having been absent the last eight meetings.

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Brentwood Mom

It would be nice if all of the GOP representatives would just stay home and stop voting on their slate of hateful, anti-science, anti-women, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-education, anti-environment, anti-healthcare, pro-poverty, racist legislation. They are running good people out of this state, including the person we could have had as Brentwood's representative instead of Ogles. This town/state needs to quit voting for a letter behind a name. The "R" around here gets you Radical Extremist Right-Wing Ideology that would like to turn this state into a Theocracy. Just a matter of time until major businesses start leaving. The GOP Supermajority is making this beautiful state a joke, they encourage division and they are crushing all hopes of a bright future for everyone's kids. So, whatever, stay home Brandon. One less bad vote is fine with me.

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