Green on the Floor

U.S. Rep. Mark Green speaks at an Oversight and Reform Committee Hearing in Washington, D.C.

Congressman Mark Green, who represents Williamson County as part of Tennessee's 7th Congressional District, has called President Joe Biden's plan to withdrawal all troops from Afghanistan by Aug. 31 "just bad all around," and warned that the "women of Afghanistan will pay the greatest price of this rapid withdrawal."

The single-longest war in American history that has been waged since October of 2001, The War in Afghanistan appears as though it will come to a close within the next two months after Biden's announcement of a complete withdraw of U.S. forces back in April.

The announcement has drawn both ire and praise.

Proponents of withdrawing troops argue that the United States' original objective for invading Afghanistan — to reduce and degrade the influence of groups like Al-Qaida and the Taliban in the region — were achieved more than a decade ago. Opponents of the withdrawal have voiced concerns over what they believe will be an immediate worsening of human rights in the region in the absence of U.S. troops.

In a rare public statement, former President George Bush said last week that his fears of how the Taliban will treat Afghan women and civilians "breaks [his] heart."

In regards to Bush's comments, Green said that he believes he was "100% correct."

"The women of Afghanistan will pay the greatest price of this rapid withdrawal," Green told the Home Page.

"People may ask if that's our responsibility or not — we can debate that, but the fact that the sadistic Taliban are going to abuse women is universally accepted."

Green said that he wasn't necessarily against a total withdraw of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, but rather it was the way in which it was announced that he took issue with.

"I'm not arguing about whether we should withdraw or not, but [it's] the way we're doing it: you don't withdraw based on time, from anywhere," Green said.

"When Obama and Biden withdrew from Iraq, we got ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant); it was not the withdraw, but the way they withdrew. The way we're withdrawing is going to lead to massive suffering in Afghanistan, destabilization in the region, [and an] increase in China's influence in the region."

To date, there have been an estimated 212,000 deaths as a direct result of the War in Afghanistan, including 2,420 U.S. soldiers and more than 47,000 civilians. U.S. troops are expected to make a complete withdraw from Afghanistan by Aug. 31 of this year.

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