Green Socialism

Rep. Mark Green outlines what he believes to be the failures of socialism after Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed "Democratic socialist," claimed victory in New Hampshire.

Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders claimed victory Tuesday night during the New Hampshire Primary, collecting 75,859 votes — 3,733 more than the next best performer, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg — and nine state delegates. 

In response to the Sanders victory, Rep. Mark Green released a tongue-in-cheek video as part of his weekly segment dubbed “White Board Wednesdays,” where the congressman denounced socialism as a "disincentivizer of excellence."

“Last night [in] the New Hampshire Primary, socialism won in the Democrat Party,” Green said. “Remember Margaret Thatcher said at some point in socialism you run out of other people’s money? There’s a reason she said that.”

Green went on to point to the Index of Economic Freedom — an annually updated graph created by the nonprofit conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation that shows correlation between Gross Domestic Product and the freedom of a country. Green argued socialism to be the direct opposite of freedom, and thus, a drain on any economy.

“Prosperity comes with freedom,” Green said. “Socialism — concentrating power in the hands of the few — is not freedom, it’s taking from one to give another. This system disincentivizes work, disincentivizes excellence, and it fails.”

Green continued, pointing to the the country’s historic low unemployment rates and millions of new jobs created under the Trump administration as examples of the superiority of America’s current system.

The next state in line for the presidential primary is Nevada, which will hold its election caucus on Saturday, Feb. 22.