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PHOTO: Taylor Parker snaps a photo of the bulldozer in his front yard after it had struck his house. / Courtesy photo


Spring Hill resident Taylor Parker was was having a routine day Wednesday morning, taking a shower and preparing for the day ahead of him. It was only a few minutes into his shower, however, that he suddenly felt his entire house shaking, heard his dog barking frantically, and then heard what he said sounded like a helicopter landing just outside his window.

“In the shower, wife’s gone, and my dog just runs in the shower freaking out, and my house basically is shaking,” Taylor said. “So I jump out of the shower, put my towel on and leave out the front door, and there a bulldozer is, tearing down the house.”

Draped in a towel, Parker said he tried communicating with the driver, asking him what he was doing.

“When I asked him what he was doing, he didn’t really answer,” Parker said. “I said, ‘you just put a hole through my house,’ and he said, ‘I didn’t hit your house.’ I think he was on some kind of drugs, because he didn’t know what he did.”

Parker said that the driver told him that the damage to his home must have been from a fallen tree, after which the driver took the bulldozer toward his backyard, digging up dirt and grass in the process. After convincing the driver to exit the bulldozer, Parker raced inside to call police.

“When I was on the phone, his boss came and was down the street, and he was just as livid,” Parker said. “He kind of took him away before anything really happened, and the cops basically showed up within a matter of minutes.”

When police arrived, the driver was no longer at the scene. Lt. Justin Whitwell with the Spring Hill Police Department said that while no charges have yet been filed, the investigation is still ongoing, and that the suspect had consented to having his blood tested for alcohol and narcotics.

“We have no explanation of [why] the guy [went] to that residence and drove the bulldozer through the house,” Whitwell said. “There were several explanations he tried to give us, but none of them were consistent, so we are still going to do our due diligence in regards to the investigation. As of right now, we have no idea [why] he went to the house — there’s no relation between him and the people that reside there.”

According to eyewitnesses, construction had been taking place earlier that morning just a few houses down from Parker’s home, which sits in a subdivision off of Duplex Road, just north of Allendale Elementary School. 

While there were no eyewitness accounts of the bulldozer heading toward Parker’s home, tracks left by the vehicle show that the bulldozer left the construction site several feet away, drove through Parker’s front yard — bushes and all — and went to the front side of the house near the garage.

Parker’s wife, Tiffany Parker, said that she arrived back home from work to see the bizarre scene.

“I was actually away and I was driving up back up home,” Tiffany said. “When I drove up to the cul-da-sac, I saw one cop car, and I saw my husband standing on the front porch. It took me a second, and then I saw the entire front of the house completely demolished and a bulldozer sitting in the front yard.”

Despite the damage, Parker said he was thankful that he happened to be home during the incident, saying that had he not been, things could have been far worse.

“If I wasn’t home, I don’t think the guy would have stopped destroying the house,” Parker said. “We’re just thankful that we might not have to be displaced in a hotel for four months. As long as they get this structural wall up OK, we’ll be able to at least stay on that side of the house.”

Parker’s home is currently being repaired by Mackenzie Construction, a Nashville-based construction company that built his home back in 2012.