Democratic state House candidate Jenn Foley speaks to Spring Hill voters.

Democratic Tennessee House candidate Jenn Foley, a Spring Hill resident running against Republican incumbent Sam Whitson, was endorsed this month by the Communications Workers of America, a media labor union representing approximately 700,000 members.

Founded in 1938, the CWA supports candidates who it perceives to be potentially "worker-friendly officials," and lobbies in support of strengthening "workers' organizing and bargaining rights."

"I think they're endorsing us because they know that workers' rights are under threat here in Tennessee, especially with the right-to-work amendment being on the table in the next legislative session," Foley said of the endorsement.

"One of the things that their members are facing is that call center jobs are being sent overseas, and so Americans are losing jobs, even here in Tennessee. They know that we need representation in our government that's going to fight for the people of Tennessee rather than the big companies."

Additionally, Foley has received the endorsement of the Tennessee AFL-CIO, a labor council that represents more than 60,000 Tennesseans across 273 different local unions.

As of Oct. 26, Foley's campaign fund balance was $6,591, with her campaign receiving $6,388 from July 1-Sept. 30.