Scammers are continuing to find success in stealing money from unsuspecting people, often times by posing as law enforcement officials. 

On Wednesday the Brentwood Police Department reported that an unidentified resident was scammed out of $19,000 after someone called the resident and claimed to be a Drug Enforcement Administration agent out of Texas. 

According to police the same scammers called the resident again, this time posing as Brentwood Police Chief Jeff Hughes.  

“The Chief of Police would never ask a citizen to send money, purchase gift cards, provide personal identifying information, credit card information or discuss legal matters over the phone. Scammers may use technology to disguise their phone number to make it appear it is legitimately being called from someone locally. Please do not fall victim to these scammers,” BPD said in a social media post. 

BPD asks that anyone concerned that they may have been targeted by a scam or anyone with questions to email [email protected] or call 615-371-0160.

Earlier this month the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Nashville field office announced an uptick in spoofing scams across the region that exploit victim’s social security numbers and convince the victims to purchase gift cards for the scammers. 

According to an FBI news release, these instances of government impersonation fraud often include criminals threatening to extort victims with physical or financial harm, and often target young people and the elderly.

According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, 13,873 people reported being victims of government impersonation scams in 2019, which saw more than $124 million stolen from victims.

Anyone who feels they were the victim of this or any other online scam should report the incident immediately using the IC3 website at

More information about government impersonation schemes and other online fraud schemes can be found at

Earlier this year the US Federal Trade Commission and the US Food and Drug Administration warned citizens of the rise in scam products marketed as cures for COVID-19.

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