Manny Sethi

Republican Senate candidate Manny Sethi speaks at the Old Natchez Country Club in Franklin.

Manny Sethi, a Nashville orthopedic trauma surgeon and Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, released an internal poll this week that shows the political newcomer in a near tie with Republican opponent Bill Hagerty.

That poll, which surveyed 800 likely Republican primary voters across the state between June 30-July 1, found that Sethi was trailing behind Hagerty by just two points — a dramatic improvement over the 16 point lead Sethi’s internal poll showed Hagerty held at the beginning of June.

Furthermore, the internal poll shows that “among those who have seen, read or heard about the race, [Sethi] does 12 points better than Hagerty among voters who are much more likely to vote for a candidate.”

While the internal poll shows Sethi down by only two points when compared to Hagerty, the most recent independent poll, published by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy in February, shows Hagerty up by nine points.

Manny Sethi

Sethi is an associate professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, director of Vanderbilt Orthopedic Institute Center for health policy, and is the founder of Healthy Tennessee, a nonprofit organization that promotes health education through providing free health screenings, holding educational summits and combating the ongoing opioid crisis. 

Sethi is a graduate of Harvard Medical School, and has also contributed to well over 100 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Sethi is a second-generation immigrant, with his parents moving to Ohio from India before he was born. When he was four years old, Sethi’s parents moved to Hillsboro, Tennessee and became doctors, eventually inspiring Sethi to go into the medical field himself.

Other key findings from the study

The study also found that among voters “who have a strong view of the candidates,” Sethi’s favorable image was five points higher than Hagerty’s, and that 34% of voters have a “very favorable view” of Sethi compared to Hagerty’s 29%.

“This is a clear sign of continued strong statewide momentum,” said Campaign Chairman Chris Devaney. “Voters are supporting the conservative outsider in this race. With 30 days until Election Day, Dr. Manny is in a position to be Tennessee’s next US Senator.”

Primary Elections

Tennessee has an open primary system, allowing for any registered voter to vote in the primary election of their choosing, be it Republican, Democrat or otherwise.

The primary election in Tennessee will be held on Aug. 6, with early voting taking place between July 17-Aug. 1. Those wishing to request an absentee ballot must do so by July 30.

The general election will be held on Nov. 3, with early voting taking place from Oct. 14-29.

The voter registration deadline is Tuesday, July 7. To see if you’re registered to vote, click here.