Sheriff Dusty Rhoades swearing in 2020

Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson issued the oath of office to Sheriff Dusty Rhoades on August 28, 2020. 

Williamson County Sheriff Duty Rhoades was sworn into office on Friday after he was elected in the Aug. 6 election.

Rhoades ran unopposed after he was appointed to the position in October 2019 by the Williamson County Commission.

As previously reported, Rhodes, a 41-year veteran of the Sheriff's Office, was appointed to the position after former sheriff Jeff Long resigned after being appointed to serve in Gov. Bill Lee’s administration as the state’s Commissioner of Safety and Homeland Security.

Rhoades will continue to serve in the role at least until the next election in August 2022.

Sheriff Rhoades said in an email that his biggest accomplishments since taking office in 2019 include earning accreditation through the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police and rolling out body cameras and new vehicle cameras that could work together, which has since expanded from patrol to deputies who are serving warrants, working the courthouse or transporting inmates.

"My goal is to eventually have all SRO's and deputies working in the detention division equipped with the body cameras," Rhoades said. "The is a very expensive endeavor and in an effort to try not to impact by budget too bad I am implementing the body worn cameras in stages."

Rhoades said that he excited to continue to serve the citizens of Williamson County, with his elected term officially beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 1.

"I have be very fortunate to serve the citizens for 41 years and I'm excited to have the opportunity to serve for two more years," Rhodes said. "It has really been exciting to see the way the county and the cities have grown over 41 years. I will continue to do my best to keep the Sheriff's Office the citizens can be proud of."

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