Image: An illustration of what Brentwood’s new Jason’s Deli will look like. From the City of Brentwood’s website.


It may have taken a little longer than expected, but the site plan for a new Jason’s Deli in the former Ruby Tuesdsay building in Brentwood has been approved.

The Planning Commission reviewed a site plan for the deli at its December meeting, but Jason’s Deli representatives deferred a vote on the plan when it became clear that commissioners had serious problems with it.

The plan approved Tuesday night does away with the drive-through lane, which had been the main sticking point for both commissioners and residents who spoke up at the previous meeting.  In fact, the new plan basically leaves the existing parking lot like it is now.

Brentwood resident Keith Wilkins, who lives behind the Ruby Tuesday building in Meadowlake, raised some concerns about the new business.

“I don’t want to see, hear or smell a restaurant,” he said. He asked that some conditions which had been attached in 1994 to the original Ruby Tuesday site plan for the location be added to the current site plan. 

The Planning Commission agreed to do so and amended the plan to prohibit outdoor seating and to mandate that measures should be taken to mitigate cooking odors.

I’d like to say thank you again for changing the plans and taking the drive-through out because I think it didn’t work as it was proposed,” Planning Commissioner Brandon Oliver said.

The Ruby Tuesday restaurant closed down at this location in August 2016. There are three other Jason’s in the Nashville area. Another is planned for Mt. Juliet.

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