spring hill vote

The Spring Hill Chamber hosted a non-partisan Spring Hill Votes Rally for all residents this past Thursday morning at Grecian Family Restaurant and Bakery.

Chamber members and interested citizens gathered around pastries, coffee and other Grecian specialities to learn about where, how and why to vote.

The Committee of Political Affairs brought sample ballots for attendees to study as well as a list of polling locations. They also encouraged small businesses in the area to offer discounts to people wearing “I voted” stickers. 

Co-chair of the the Committee of Political Affairs, Brooke Barrett, hoped the event would increase voter turnout, finally breaking Spring Hill’s voter turnout into double digits.

The voter turnout has peaked in the 2020 election with 9-percent turnout and typically hovers around 7 percent. The Committee of Political Affairs hoped to break double digits with this year’s election, which it did with 17.5 percent.

“My only theory that we're very busy here in Spring Hill. Most of the people who live in Spring Hill work in Nashville," Barrett explained about her views on Spring Hill’s low voter turnout.

"We're just a really busy group of folks and it's sometimes easy to forget to vote and hard to make it a priority. We hope that by doing an event like this, we can make it a little bit more front of mind and bring it back out and bring awareness.”

Barrett hopes that through education and community events, Spring Hill can continue to climb in voter turnout.

”It’s a matter of educating yourself about the candidates and picking who you think is best," she explained. "Voting give you the right to have an issue later.”