Williamson County is set to receive more than $6.6 million after Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee announced on Monday that $200 million in grants would be distributed across the state.

The grant money may only be used toward one-time expenses, including those related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Capital maintenance, public safety and road projects don’t pause for disasters like the March tornadoes and the COVID-19 pandemic,” Lee said in a statement released Monday. “This grant fund will ease the burden on local governments as they work to meet infrastructure and safety obligations.”

View below for a breakdown of allocated funds towards each municipality in Williamson County:

  • Williamson County: $2,297,010
  • Brentwood: $967,954
  • Fairview: $228,594
  • Franklin $1,815,648
  • Nolensville: $228,881
  • Spring Hill: $945,047
  • Thompson Station: $164,927

Through the grants, each county in Tennessee will receive $500,000, with each city receiving $30,000. Additional funds are calculated using U.S. Census data from 2018. These funds will be made available to municipalities starting at the beginning of the 2020-2021 fiscal year on July 1.

The grant cannot be used for recurring expenses such as salaries, debt issuance, existing programming and services or new building construction. Permitted expenditures include IT hardware upgrades, capital maintenance such as road and building repairs, utility system upgrades, public safety, and most expenditures related to combating the spread of COVID-19.

All funds would also be required to be spent by June 30, 2023.