Former Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives Glen Casada addresses other government leaders during Brentwood's annual elected officials dinner.

On Wednesday, the Bureau of Campaign Finance voted unanimously to levy a fine against State Rep. Glen Casada in the amount of $10,500 after an audit discovered the state representative’s political action committee (PAC) had failed to provide receipts for $99,625 in campaign expenditures.

Executive director for the Bureau of Campaign Finance, Bill Young, confirmed with the Home Page Friday that in a 5-0 vote, the bureau voted to levy the fine against Casada. Young also shared that one member of the six-person board, Henry Fincher, was unable to vote due to a schedule conflict.

Additional findings of the audit, which dug into Casada’s campaign finances in 2018 from Jan. 1 - June 30, found that Casada’s PAC failed to report $1,713 in contributions and $2,589 in expenditures. As a representative, Casada himself was found to have failed to report $1,063 in contributions, $1,520 in expenses and failed to provide supporting documents for $5,212 in campaign expenditures.

Casada has previously told the Home Page that the failed reporting came from him believing bank statements were sufficient in lieu of itemized receipts. 

Casada has supplied bank statements reflecting his campaign purchases, a potential reason his fine was the modest $10,500 instead of the potential $2.9 million he may have had to pay were the bureau to have decided to levy a civil penalty for every missing receipt.