Jack Johnson Webinar

State Sen. Jack Johnson speaks during a Tuesday Webinar focused on the role digital services play in promoting innovation and economic vitality.

During a Tuesday webinar, State Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson of Williamson County revealed that he and Gov. Bill Lee's staff are currently working on legislation designed to help recoup some of the recent economic losses incurred from the coronavirus pandemic.

"My staff and I had a fairly lengthy meeting [Monday] with the governor’s staff, and so we were going over his legislative package for the coming legislative session in 2021," Johnson said.

"I can tell you, it is chocked full of ‘trying to keep our foot on the gas’ [type legislation] in terms of Tennessee’s economic outlook and growing our economy moving forward."

This isn't the first time Johnson had hinted at large economic legislation coming down the pike, with the State Senate majority leader hinting at such during the recent Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce luncheon late last month.

Despite the economic hardships brought on by the pandemic, Johnson said that he believed the state of Tennessee was uniquely suited to a quick road to recovery due to its "strong fiscal condition," something that he said he believes "helped Tennessee weather the storm better than a lot of states."

The Tennessee General Assembly is convened for the year, and will resume session in January of 2021.