State Sen. Jack Johnson.

State Sen. Jack Johnson, who represents Williamson County as the Senate majority leader, joined his colleagues in the Tennessee Senate Republican Caucus on Tuesday in signing a letter voicing support for President Donald Trump's ongoing challenge of the presidential election results.

Most major news outlets called the presidential race for Joe Biden on Saturday after an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots caused delays in key battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada.

But despite the race being called by outlets such as the Associated Press, Fox News and The New York Times, Trump has launched a series of lawsuits challenging the validity of the election results.

On Tuesday afternoon, Tennessee Republicans, including Johnson, signed a joint letter supporting the president in his efforts, which reads that they stand "absolutely and unequivocally" with Trump "as he contests the unofficial results" of the election.

"While this election may have been 'called' by various media outlets, the election process is far from over," reads the letter.

"This election was extremely close in multiple states across the country. The coronavirus pandemic led to an extraordinary amount of absentee ballots and voting by mail. We believe that, due to unprecedented mail-in voting and razor-thin margins in multiple states, the ultimate result remains uncertain."

The letter alleges that there have been "reports of irregularities in many critical states," and argues that "no winner should be declared" until "these irregularities have been thoroughly investigated."

The joint letter also points to the presidential recount in Florida during the 2000 election in which Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore contested the results in Florida through a series of recounts.

That incident, state Republicans argue, had set a precedent that gives Trump the right to contest the election through recounts and litigation for "at least another month."

"This is an important election - there is no reason to come to a premature conclusion with this many lingering questions," the letter reads.

"While the results of most presidential elections are clear on or around election day, the results become official only when the presidential electors vote in December. President Trump has a right to challenge the results of this election until at least that point."