A stolen truck and other crimes involving vehicles were the most prevalent items in the Brentwood Police Department’s crime analysis for the week ending Jan. 26.

Most notably, a truck was stolen and items taken from a number of vehicles near the intersection of Holly Tree Gap Road and North Berry’s Chapel Road sometime between the evening of Sunday, Jan. 22 and the morning of Monday, Jan. 23.

The stolen truck was a 2010 Ford F-150. It was taken from a driveway on the 1000 block of Holly Tree Farms Road. The crime report states that the vehicle had been left unlocked with its keys inside.

During that same time period, two cars were broken into: one on the 1000 block of Holly Tree Farms Road and another on the 1100 block of that road. In the former case, a car window was smashed and a purse taken. In the latter, a window was broken and a wallet and toolbox stolen.

A third theft occurred nearby on the 6400 block of Annandale Cove. That car had been left unlocked, and a debit card and key were stolen from it.

There are no suspects in any of these crimes, according to the report.

“It is not unusual to have a small cluster of crimes in the same general area (particularly with thefts from vehicles),” Assistant Chief Thomas Walsh of the Brentwood Police Department wrote in an email.

He drew attention to the fact that there were contributing factors in each of these incidents that made these particular cars more attractive to thieves. He pointed out, for instance, that the stolen truck had been left unlocked with the keys inside, and that a purse and other items enticing to thieves had been left in plain view in two of the cars that were broken into. The third car broken into had been left unlocked, he pointed out.

Walsh provided the following statement to alert Brentwood residents to ways in which they could perhaps make themselves less likely to be the victims of such crimes: “Brentwood is a very safe city and we are fortunate to have a low crime rate. Unfortunately, though, our residents sometimes don’t take the necessary steps to prevent becoming a victim because they assume it is safe and nothing will ever happen to them. Simple steps like removing purses, wallets, keys and other valuables and locking doors will prevent many of these incidents from happening. We strongly encourage our residents to “Park Smart”. Doing so will likely prevent many of these crimes from happening.”

Other thefts reported in the past week include jewelry stolen from the bathroom of a home on the 1000 block of Saratoga Drive undergoing renovations and a flat screen TV stolen from a camper parked at a storage facility on Bakers Bridge Road. Subcontractor employees are listed as possible suspects in the first incident, while there are no suspects in the second.


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