Gov. Bill Lee speaks during a March 22 virtual announcement.

Gov. Bill Lee announced Monday that by April 5 all Tennesseans 16 years old and up will be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Additionally, Lee also announced that starting today, Tennesseans 55 and up as well as those who work in "critical infrastructure industries" will now be eligible to receive the vaccine.

Lee said that in a few select counties, the rollout of vaccines to every Tennessean will begin in "the upcoming days."

The federal government has asked Tennessee leaders to make COVID-19 vaccines available to all Tennesseans by May 1. During the virtual announcement, Lee said that "Tennessee will beat that deadline."

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As of last week, Tennessee has already surpassed two million vaccinations, with daily new cases of the virus continuing a downward trend since the state has continued its vaccination rollout. Across the entire state, March 21 saw just 47 new cases of COVID-19, a dramatic drop from the pandemic's height in December, with there being 11,383 new cases on Dec. 20 alone.

Last week, Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey encouraged Tennesseans to share their vaccination stories with friends and family, noting that certain demographics appear to be more hesitant of COVID-19 vaccines.