The Tennessee Department of Labor revealed on Thursday that the state's unemployment rate for the month of June dropped to 4.9 percent.

While tied with February 2021 for having the lowest rate since the onset of the pandemic, the state's unemployment rate has mostly remained stagnant since January of this year, with monthly increases or decreasing not exceeding .2 percentage points.

The trend of general stagnation in unemployment is mirrored nationwide, with the United States' unemployment rate seeing month-to-month increases not exceeding half a percentage point since January as well. In June, the United States saw a 5.9% unemployment rate, significantly higher than Tennessee's.

In June, the number of nonfarm jobs increased in Tennessee by 22,100, with the largest number of new hires occurring in the local government sector. The next highest number of hires during June was seen in the administrative, support and waste services sectors.

Compared to a year ago in June 2020, Tennessee's unemployment rate has dropped 4.4 percentage points from 9.3 percent, with the state's highest ever recorded monthly unemployment rate being in April 2020 at a staggering 15.8 percent.

Since last June, more than 153,000 jobs were added across the state, with the professional and business services sector accounting for the largest portion of new jobs. The leisure and hospitality sectors accounted for the second largest portion of these jobs.

Unemployed Tennesseans can find free job search assistance and career development opportunities at any of the more than 80 American Job Centers across the state. Tennesseans can find the center nearest to them through this interactive map. Online, more than 262,000 active job listings are currently available on the state’s workforce development website.

The state has also launched the Tennessee Virtual American Job Center (VAJC). The website is located at and allows Tennesseans to research different programs, from different state agencies, that can help them remove barriers to employment, so they can more easily reenter Tennessee’s workforce. The VAJC allows job seekers to do this on their schedule, anytime, anywhere.

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