Nov. state unemployment

Tennessee's unemployment rate for the month of November was found to be 4 percent.

The November unemployment rate for the state of Tennessee was found Thursday to have dropped to 4 percent, the single-lowest level since the onset of the pandemic nearly two years ago, and the first such instance of the state's unemployment rate matching pre-pandemic levels.

Coming from the Tennessee Department of Labor & Statistics, the latest unemployment data shows November's rate matched that of March, 2020, the month before the state soared to a 15.8 percent unemployment rate.

November's rate shows a .2 percentage point drop from October's rate of 4.2 percent, and a staggering 11.8 percentage point drop from the height of unemployment in April, 2020.

Roughly 4,900 jobs were added across the state between October and November, with the leisure and hospitality sector accounting for the largest number of new hires. The next highest number of new jobs added during this same time period came from the trade, transportation, utilities and manufacturing sectors.

This year to date, roughly 87,800 jobs were added across the state, with the largest gains coming from the leisure and hospitality, business, trade, transportation, and utilities sectors.

Tennessee's November unemployment rate was found to be lower than the country's as a whole, with the national unemployment rate for November being reported as 4.2 percent.

"While the state’s unemployment numbers have rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, many Tennesseans are still searching for good, steady employment," reads a Thursday release from the Tennessee Department of Labor.

"The Tennessee Department of Labor offers a variety of services that can help individuals land their next job. With more than 100 American Job Centers across the state and with its 410,000 job postings, assistance is available online or in person. is the site where all those services are listed and made easily available."