April TN Unemployment

The April 2021 unemployment rate was found to be a staggering 10.8 percent lower than the same month in 2020.

Tennessee's unemployment rate for the month of April decreased by .1 percentage points when compared to March according to data released Thursday by the Tennessee Department of Labor.

While only a marginal improvement when compared to March, April's unemployment rate marks a colossal improvement over the state's unemployment rate a year prior, with the April 2020 revised rate reaching a staggering 15.8 percent — the single highest rate ever recorded in the state.

Comparing April 2020 and April 2021, employers across the state added a total of 287,400 new jobs, with the leisure and hospitality industry adding the largest number of jobs.

Between March and April of this year, employers added 9,800 new jobs, with the retail trade sector accounting for the largest number of jobs. Food services and professional service sectors accounted for the second and third largest gains in new jobs, respectively.

Average weekly earnings for Tennesseans also increased marginally from March to April. In March, the average Tennessean worked 41.5 hours and pulled in $863 a week, whereas in April, Tennesseans worked an average of 41.4 hours a week and pulled in $879.

Despite the increase, average weekly earnings in Tennessee fell behind national weekly earnings, with Americans on average pulling in $970 a week while working an average of 41.6 hours.

While the United States as a whole fared better than Tennessee when it came to average weekly earnings, the Volunteer State fared better when it came to overall unemployment rates. In April, the United States was found to have a 6.1 percent unemployment rate, an increase of .1 percentage points over March's revised rate of 6 percent.

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