As the Fourth of July draws closer, many Williamson County residents are likely to celebrate America's Independence Day with the tried and true tradition of lighting fireworks.

While permissible in some cities in the county, there are some restrictions. For your convenience, here's a rundown of the fireworks laws in Williamson County.

Spring Hill

Fireworks may be purchased within city limits, but are only permissible to be discharged on July 4 from noon-11 p.m. Violators may face a fine of up to $50.


The City of Franklin has a zero-tolerance policy regarding fireworks similar to that of Brentwood. Consumer grade fireworks may not be used or purchased within the city, due to a 1999 city ordinance.


The City of Brentwood has a zero-tolerance policy regarding fireworks, restricting the sale, storage, distribution, possession and discharge of all fireworks within the city limits. This includes sparklers.

Exceptions are limited to those who have been granted a fireworks permit from the city.


The City of Nolensville does not currently have an ordinance on the use of fireworks, and so citizens are free to use them at their discretion. Fireworks are also available to be purchased within the city between June 20 and July 5.

There is, however, a loud noise ordinance that restricts loud noises past 11 p.m., effectively banning most fireworks past that hour.

Thompson's Station

Thompson’s Station allows for the use of all fireworks, as there is currently no city ordinance on fireworks, nor is there a noise city ordinance. Fireworks may also be purchased within city limits.


The city of Fairview allows for the use of fireworks only through July 3–5, and during the hours of noon-11 p.m. These fireworks may only be consumer grade, and are able to be purchased within the city limits — but only from nonprofit organizations.

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