The popular tourism and travel site TripAdvisor is out with a list of the top 23 small cities in America to visit in 2018.

The list includes scenic sites such as Missoula, Montana and historic gems like St. Augustine, Florida.

One entrant, though, is a bit closer to home: Brentwood, Tennessee.

TripAdvisor recommends Brentwood as a great place to stay when visiting Nashville, but it also lauds the city as a destination in and of itself.

“Getting out and about is a priority for Brentwood residents—join them on the various cycling and walking paths in the local parks, such as Smith Park and Crockett Park,” the list states. It also mentions Brentwood’s proximity to Radnor Lake and other parks.

Many of the other cities on the list are in the west or the northwest. Others in the southeast region include Greenville, South Carolina, Marietta, Georgia and Mount Dora, Florida.

A representative from TripAdvisor said the company created the list to help celebrate the new year.


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