As the next part of our What’s Up With That? series of reader-generated questions, the Brentwood Home Page turns to an inquiry concerning a fairly new feature at a certain intersection in the city.

A reader asked us to gather some information about the “dangerous” roundabout on Crockett Road.

The roundabout was constructed at the intersection of Crockett Road and Arrowhead Drive between Indian Point and the new Witherspoon subdivision. The Planning Commission recommended a roundabout at this intersection instead of a two-way stop, and the developer and traffic engineers with the city agreed.

The roundabout opened late last summer and has been accident-free since then, Chief Thomas Walsh with the Brentwood Police Department said.

“It may be perceived as being dangerous, but we have not to my knowledge had a crash in that area,” he said. “We have received a couple of questions/complaints about drivers who don’t understand how a roundabout is designed to work, but it has not proved to be accident prone at this time.”

The police department actually created a video giving advice to people new to the experience of driving through a roundabout shortly after it opened.

“When you’re approaching a roundabout in any direction you’re always going to go to the right hand side of a roundabout, always yielding to the traffic to your left,” Officer Bryan Kirkpatrick says in the video.

Chief Walsh said another traffic circle in the city, at Wilson Pike Circle and Town Center Way, also has not caused much in the way of traffic problems.

Some photos of the roundabout as it was being constructed appear in this previous Brentwood Home Page report.