A sign at the intersection of Old Smyrna Road and Wilson Pike marks the future site of Nashville Tennis Academy on Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019, in Brentwood, Tenn.


If you recently driven past the property formerly home to the Dolphin Club and wondered why it seems like nothing is happening, there’s no reason to be alarmed.

Brain Sullivan, spokesperson for owners 502 Wilson Pike, LLC, said they have already broken ground on the city-approved project, a new tennis club. Right now, owners are doing preliminary work and waiting for the weather to warm up before starting construction.

Located at 502 Wilson Pike in Brentwood, the 10-acre property was purchased in 2017 for $1.6 million by 502 Wilson Pike, LLC.

Sullivan said owners have contracted Avenue Commercial to do the construction of the new facility, Nashville Tennis Academy.

He says they have already broken ground on a construction entrance on Old Smyrna Road. Sullivan estimates construction will begin sometime in March, and from there he says the project should take six months to complete.

“Our goal is just to have the indoor ready by fall,” Sullivan said, noting a minor delay owners encountered.

As for the building itself, Sullivan says the facility will be built as planned. According to documents submitted to the Brentwood Planning Commission in 2018, this includes construction of a 36,000 square-foot building containing six indoor tennis courts, a 1,500 square-foot office building, six new outdoor tennis courts with lighting, refurbishment of the six existing tennis courts with lighting, a gated entrance on Old Smyrna Road, installation of a four-foot tall white painted four-board horse fencing, a buffer and site landscaping.

As part of the redevelopment plan, the existing pool and deck with be demolished.

The property, formerly owned by Calvary Chapel since 2008, has seen several prospective plans fall through, including projects like an indoor sports facility and a retirement home. By returning the property to a place similar to its former Dolphin Club days, owners told Brentwood Home Page they hope to avoid similar outcomes.

So while it doesn’t look like much now, Sullivan says owners are laying the foundation for an efficient project.

“We’re actually working out there now. I mean, we’re doing a lot of preliminary work and a lot of survey work that got started up last week,” Sullivan said. “We’re kind of staging everything to get ready so that when we get started, it’ll go fast.”