Voters line up at the Longview Recreation Center in Spring Hill to vote on Election Day.

The 2020 presidential election shattered voter turnout rates across the country, and Williamson County was no exception.

According to a press release from the Williamson County Election Commission released on Tuesday, Williamson County was found to have the single-highest voter turnout rate in the state. A total of 140,331 ballots were cast in total, amounting to a 78.8% voter turnout rate.

The newly certified data comes by way of Secretary of State Tre Hargett and the Tennessee Division of Elections.

The newly certified voter turnout rate of 78.8% for the 2020 election in Williamson County officially surpassed all previous rates recorded, with 2016's election netting a 71% voter turnout rate in Williamson, and 2008's election netting a 77% voter turnout rate.

Nearly 88% of all ballots cast during the election in Williamson were cast during the 14-day early-voting period between Oct. 15 - 29. The next two Tennessee counties with the highest turnout rates were Wilson County at 78.1% and Loudon County at 76.5%.

"The citizens of Williamson County consistently rank in the top three counties in voter participation for Federal and State elections and the county has garnered the highest turnout in four out of the last five November (Federal/State) General elections in Tennessee," said Chad Gray, Administrator of Elections for Williamson County.

Gray also encouraged Williamson voters to continue the trend of turning out the vote in three upcoming local elections that will be held this year: Spring Hill's on April 8, Brentwood's on May 4, and Franklin's on Oct. 26.