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Williamson County residents in Brentwood and Franklin got their first opportunity to participate in the upcoming presidential election Wednesday after early voting kicked off for the presidential primary.

According to Williamson County Election Administrator Chad Gray, the turnout of Williamson County Republicans and Democrats was comparable, with 249 voters voting for their desired Democratic candidate, and 274 voting for their desired Republican candidate.

While the first day of early voting in a presidential primary isn’t always reflective of the final results, that close figure lies in stark contrast with the results of the 2016 presidential primary, where Williamson County Republicans participated more than Democrats in a ratio of more than 4:1. Williamson County was also the only county in the entire state to see Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida nab the most votes, with President Donald Trump sweeping the primary in Tennessee’s 94 remaining counties - a factoid perhaps reflective of Williamson County’s unique voter base.

The close turnout between Williamson County Republicans and Democrats is also very different than their neighbor to the south, Maury County. On the first day of early voting in Maury County, which was also on Wednesday, Republicans turned out to vote more than Democrats in a ratio of more than 2:1, with 91 Republicans and 43 Democrats casting their ballots.

Early voting will continue in Brentwood and Franklin through Feb. 25, with early voting opening in Fairview, Nolensville and Spring Hill on Feb. 18. For more information on early voting in Williamson County, including voting times and locations, click here.

Those unable to make it to early voting will have their last chance in deciding who represents their respective parties on Tuesday, March 3.

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