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A recent mobility report from Google has shown that Williamson County residents are traveling to offices, factories and other places of work less often than ever before.

How mobility data is gathered, measured

The report is made using data collected from Google users’ smartphones who have their Location History setting turned on (this setting is turned off by default, and can be turned off by clicking here).

This recent report, which looks at mobility data gathered between June 9 and July 21, uses mobility data from Jan. 3-Feb. 6 as a baseline. Reports have also been released analyzing data from Feb. 29-April 11 and from March 28-May 9.

The report

In this recent mobility report, Williamson County residents were found to have traveled to places of work 48% less than when compared to the baseline. In the previous mobility report, Williamson residents were visiting workplaces 22% less than during the baseline period.

The recent report even eclipses that of the first mobility report that measured data from the onset of the pandemic between Feb. 29-April 11, in which Williamson residents were found to be visiting workplaces 37% less.

Other mobility metrics

The study analyzes mobility metrics in six total categories; retail and recreation, grocery and pharmacy, parks, transit stations, workplaces and residential visits.

Workplace visits saw the most dramatic change in this recent report, while other mobility metrics only saw modest increases or decreases.

Visits to retail and recreation spots increased from the previous report by 10%, but were still down 15% when compared to the baseline period.

Grocery and pharmacy store visits decreased by 16% when compared to the previous report, and were down 5% when compared to the baseline period.

Visits to parks decreased by 27% when compared to the previous report, but were still 58% higher than when compared to the baseline period.

Visits to transit stations saw a modest increase from the previous report to the tune of 4%, but were still less than during the baseline period by 4%.

Lastly, visits to residential spots were up 7% when compared to the previous report, and up 15% when compared to the baseline period.

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