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Save for a few exceptions, all Williamson County residents will be required to wear face masks in public starting at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, July 7.

All mayors in Williamson County signed on to a county-wide Executive Order.

Violation of the order shall constitute a Class A misdemeanor — the order is set to expire on Aug. 3.

“After much consideration and after consultation with each of the mayors of the various municipalities in Williamson County, as well as the School Superintendents for the two school districts within the county, Mayor Rogers Anderson finds that there is a consensus that wearing a cloth or other face covering should be required in certain circumstances in Williamson County,” reads a release from the county mayor’s office.

The order reads: “Mayor Anderson recognizes that there are many varying opinions on this issue, but believes that asking Williamson Countians to wear a face covering in indoor public places, and in outdoor public places where distancing is not possible, is a necessary safety measure in order that our local businesses may remain open and our schools will be able to open in the fall."

"Allowing the current spike in cases to continue jeopardizes our businesses, government and court operations, schools, and way of life; and this simple measure can help to protect our citizens during this unprecedented time.”

The order lists 13 instances in which the mask mandate does not apply, which are listed below.

  • Children under the age of 12.
  • Anyone who cannot wear face coverings due to underlying health conditions
  • Anyone who cannot remove face coverings without assistance
  • Anyone in a private residence
  • Anyone outdoors that can properly maintain proper social distancing
  • Anyone eating or drinking
  • Anyone in a place of worship, unless mandated by the place of worship
  • Anyone in private motor vehicles
  • Anyone working in conditions where proper social distancing can be maintained
  • Anyone in government facilities, who instead will be subject to rules and regulations of that specific facility
  • Anyone at a voting site for the purpose of voting or administering an election
  • Anyone engaged in exercise or physical activity, provided proper social distancing can be maintained
  • Anyone for whom wearing a face covering could pose a safety or security risk

Business are also required under the county-wide Executive Order to post signage at public entrances informing patrons of the mask mandate requirement.

As Spring Hill is split halfway between Williamson and Maury counties, the order does not yet apply to Spring Hill residents on the Maury County side.

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